What plants are best suited to vertical gardens?

Vertical gardening is a little different to the gardening most people know and understand. The main constraint is the size of the pot you are planting into, this must always be taken into account when installing a vertical wall garden. The plants you plant in your wall garden must be fed more regularly than those in your garden, a regular supply of water must be available all year round. The position of the wall garden will effect what plants you can have in it. If you have a wall garden on a South facing wall you could consider planting with softer leaved plants like ferns, herbs, vegetables, flowers and annuals. If you have a North facing wall then succulents and cacti are the safest option and will give the best results. East and West facing walls can have a broader mix of planting as they will receive morning or afternoon sun and not both. Please ask a member of staff for further advice on your wall garden and planting.
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