How do I compost?

Composting is the best way to recycle and re-use all of the wonderful nutrients that your plants give you once they have finished fruiting and flowering.

  • Start by using an old bin, tub or barrel making sure one end can be accessed easily whilst ensuring the other end has air holes so that your compost can breath
  • Now add a mixture of waste to your compost bin - it is important to not just chuck grass cuttings into your composter - these won't break down on their own. A mix of soft cuttings (like grass) and stick/woody (small) cuttings about 60/40 will do. This will allow air to move between the garden waste and an aerobic environment to be created. 
  • Keep your compost damp - not WET! You want life to live not be drowned, a bucket of water once a week in summer will be more than enough. 
  • Turn your compost every 2-3 months with a fork, this will pull the top layer down to the worms, insects and bacteria. 
  • Once a year empty your composter out and spread the beautiful dark soil around your garden or veggie patch. 
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