• Fertilise Lawns Now

    Improve winter growth 

    Reduce heat stress risk next summer


  • Fiddle Leaf Figs

    Great addition to any room in the house

    Easy to care for

    Improves air quality

    Trendy, designer house plant

  • Mulch Now

    Now's the time to Mulch

    Reduce water usage and protect soil microbes

    Reduce plant stress

    Increase organic matter

  • Pansies

    Instant Colour

    Full Sun

    5 for $10

    In store now! 


  • Yacon - Peruvian Ground Apple

    This exciting new plant has many unique properties

    Easy to grow 

    Harvest the potato like tubers at the end of the growing season

    Tubers have a pear/apple taste and are crunchy

    Great for diabetics and weight loss

    We grow local in Perths Climate

  • Now is the time to plant

    Native plants are best planted in Autumn

    Roots will establish during winter

    Heat stress will be reduced next summer



  • Prune Hedges

    Trim autumn growth

  • Star Jasmine 

    Plant Now 

    Beautiful fragrant flowers

    Great climber


    Full sun



  • Violas

    Great selection of colours and varieties 

    Add some colour and scent to your garden

    5 for $10


  • Apply wetting agents now

    Apply liquid and granular wetting agents now

    Reduce plant stress

    Save water

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