• Apply manures to established trees, garden beds and  vegetable gardens

    Applying now will allow bacteria and worms to break manures down in time for spring

    Reduce water usage during spring and summer

    Increase available nutrients and organic matter in soil

  • Blueberry plants back in season and on offer! 

    Easy to care for, plant in a large container or pot for best results

    Fresh berries for 6+ months of the year

    $10 off this month only! 

  • Plan, buy and plant citrus now

    Now's the time to plant

    Reduce plant stress by planting during the cooler months

    Reap the rewards next autumn

  • Make sure you dig out your Yacon tubers

    Lift all rhizomes and tubers and dry in a bright position

    Store rhizomes in a dark, dry, cool area and replant in early spring

    The tubers can be eaten but must be peeled first, cooking is optional



  • Pansies

    Instant Colour

    Full Sun

    5 for $10

    In store now! 


  • Yacon - Peruvian Ground Apple

    This exciting new plant has many unique properties

    Easy to grow 

    Harvest the potato like tubers at the end of the growing season

    Tubers have a pear/apple taste and are crunchy

    Great for diabetics and weight loss

    We grow local in Perths Climate

  • Now is the time to plant

    Native plants are best planted in Autumn

    Roots will establish during winter

    Heat stress will be reduced next summer



  • Select and plant trees in the garden now

    Plant Now 

    Remember to condition the soil and mulch around trees

    Stake and tie young trees to protect them from strong winds



  • Rake up Leaves

    Place leaves into plastic bags or a purpose made composter and leave in a cool place

    Leaf mulch once composted is an extremely rich fertiliser 


  • Violas

    Great selection of colours and varieties 

    Add some colour and scent to your garden

    5 for $10


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