Indoor Living Products

Indoor spaces are the most important part of any home, this is where you and your family spend most of their time, and it can be a practical space or a visually exciting space. We have a large range of products that are suited to the indoor environment.

Indoor Pots, Containers and Troughs

We stock a large range of lightweight Maico pots, these are made of poly stone and then have car paint and lacquer applied with a polished finish. These are available in a broad range of colours, sizes and shapes to fit most tastes and are ideal for indoor planting. Being light in weight they are easy to move around and won’t damage floor tiles, wood or concrete. 

We also stock a great range of glazed SK pots from Europe, these make great homes for indoor plants such as spaths, ferns, chain of hearts and string of pearls. Available in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. 

Vertical Gardens

There are many systems that now allow for easy indoor install with little or no modification to existing units. We stock a wall garden system by Wall Gardens. This is a fantastic wall garden system that allows for easy install, removal and expansion with minimal effort. The systems are available in two sizes, one is better suited to herbs, vegetable and annual instant colour growing whilst the other system is more suitable for long term plantings of bromeliads, ferns, flowers and fruiting plants.

Remember that installing an indoor vertical garden will require a drip tray and possibly UV lighting to aid plant growth. It is also worth considering a recycling system for water and nutrients that is on once or twice a day.

We stock many modern, trendy indoor plants, a lot of which we grow at our nursery here in Perth. If you need assistance choosing the right plants for your space please talk with a member of the team who will guide you in the right direction. 

Elho Green Basics Range

We hold a large range of basic decorative and stylish pots from Elho, Europe's most advanced producer of plastic pots. The basic range consists of three main colours, dark green, grey and terracotta with matching saucers. These pots are ideal for indoor and outdoor use creating an exciting visual aspect within the home and garden without braking the bank. 

We also hold a range of Elho planters that are a little more refined. The pure and urban ranges are two of these with pots in various shapes and forms with a multitude of finishes. These ranges are very stylish, neat and are available in a matt finish. 

*The Elho Green Basics Range is made from a minimum 30% recycled plastic. 

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