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We are always looking for the best new and exciting products for your home, garden and living areas at Waldecks. With our ever increasing focus on renewables, environmentally friendly and locally sourced products we hope to bring you the very best on the market.



Yacon or as it is more commonly known the Peruvian ground apple is a native plant of South America. The plant is related to the sunflower and is extremely useful for its tubers which are found buried underground below the rhizomes.


The plant is perennial and will die back over winter before bursting back to life in early spring. Soil preparation is key, adding plenty of organic matter and a soil conditioner will see good yields in the Autumn. 


The tubers are edible and once dug are best stored for a couple of weeks in a cool, dark place - this improves the sweetness of the tuber. To eat simply peel away the outer skin and eat raw, add to stir fries, bake in desserts or juice to use as a sweetener in drinks. 


The tubers have been known to improve heart health, assist digestion, reduce blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of certain cancers and strengthen bones. If you are diabetic the sugars within the tubers are indigestible, your body cannot use them and so they pass through your system. 


Available at all Waldecks stores. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig - Ficus Lyrata

Fiddle leaf figs are a very popular house and office plant and do very well in both situations. 

We grow all of our fiddle leaf plants at our WA nursery so that they are acclimatised. We sell the plants at various sizes ranging from just $29.95 roughly 30-50 cm tall all the way to $200+ 1.5-2 m in tall.  

Caring for these plants is key to success, they thrive off neglect and can be easily over watered if not careful. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight and strong drafts, watering should be done where possible by removing the plant from the office or home and giving it a really good drench. Let the water drain from the plant pot before sitting the plant back inside, this should be done once a week during summer and only when dry during winter. If you have air conditioning on we recommend only watering when the soil is dry below the surface. 



We now have an exciting range of herbs grown at our WA based nursery. 

Herbs are a fantastic addition to any garden big or small, even if you only have a balcony you can still grow a great range in troughs and pots. 

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