Say Aloha to our Plant of the Month. 


They love the heat. They tolerate drought. And they flower consistently all the way from spring to autumn.Just three very good reasons why the Mandevilla Aloha makes it to our inaugural Plant of the Month.

Available in bright pink, forever red, dark red and petite white, Mandevilla’s bold flowers contrast beautifully with its lush green foliage.

Mandevilla performs best in soil that is kept moist through summer, but it won’t be fatal if you miss a watering or two! Just be sure to feed during spring and autumn with Waldecks slow-release fertiliser, and liquid feed to encourage healthy growth and flower response.

Ideal as a climber, Mandevilla looks equally good in hanging baskets and garden beds, as well as in tubs or pots.

All in all, an absolute must to add colour to your garden through the warmer months!


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