Eco-Friendly Gardening Products in Perth


Trees often take up a lot of space, however, in return they offer a huge number a benefits. They provide shade which in turn cools our houses and courtyards, they provide a place of refuge for brids and insects and they allow gardeners to create shade loving gardens beneath them. 


Trees however are not all large and there are many varieties that are suitable for small areas and narrow spaces. Chinese tallows provide a huge amount of shade during summer months - they hold masses of small green leaves and have very fiberous root that won't damage water pipes, paving and driveways. During winter they allow plenty of light through to ground level - because of this they are often used for create shade for tropical gardens. The foliage of Chinese tallows turns a wonderful orange/red during late autumn adding to their display. 


If you have narrow paths or a side passage down the side of your house trees like capital pears or similar will be ideal. They will provide summer shade along walls and over narrow paths without growing across paths. They remain tall and narrow in growth habit and have fiberous roots. The blossom in spring is beautiful and the foliage turns deep orange/red during autumn.


There are many more varieties of trees that are suitable for various locations - if you have a spot but don't know what to plant pop in today and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team. 


Tree Planting Guide

If you have just purchased a tree and want to make sure it gets the best start to life in your garden all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure that the hole you are planting into is as deep as the root ball of the tree and that you mix a good soil conditioner into the whole prior to planting. 
  • It is advisable to place a couple of the troforte planting tablets into the bottom of the whole before planting your tree
  • Make sure that you firm the root ball of the tree in - you can do this with the heel of you boot - simply press it in around the outside of the root ball. 
  • It is advisable to stake your trees in - use the method shown in the image - two stakes are best with rubber ties to hold the tree in place but still allow small amounts of movement. 
  • Remember to mulch around your tree but don't mulch right upto the stem. It is best to leave a 15-20cm gap between the trunk of your tree and the mulch to avoid bark rot around the base. Mulching improves water retention and reduces runoff and will help suppress weeds.
  • Don't forget to water your tree for the first year - you will need to water during hot spells after your tree has been through it's first year. It can often take 5-10 years for a tree to establish a well developed root system. 

Eco Products

Waldecks is changing. Here at Waldecks we believe that everything you grow should be as close to organic as possible, especially when it comes around to edible plants, fruits and vegetables. This is why we have extended our range of pesticides, fungicides, fertilisers and wetters to include a certified organic or environmentally friendly choice.

It is important that we care for both the environment around us and our own bodies, the application of harmful and toxic chemicals to plants, fruits and vegetables that we then eat is something we want to see left behind. We have a large range of eco and organic products, we stock most lines from OCP (Organic Crop Protectants).

We also stock locally engineered organic and environmentally friendly products from No Frills fertilisers, they produce the every increasingly popular Rock Dust Plus. No Frills are based in Margaret River and supply many grape growers with feeds and tonics, they have a small range available on the market which we stock across all stores.

We also stock lawn feeds, flowering and vegetable feeds and liquid tonics and wetters from EcoGrowth. These products are extremely over engineered for the home garden, a complex mix of rock minerals, fungi and beneficial microorganisms, great for any garden. They are a Perth based company specialising in WA agriculture and know a thing or two about our climate and soils. We stock their full range and continue to work with them for new and exciting products in the future.

Gardening Tools

A gardener is as good as his tools, or so they say! We stock a range of tools for the everyday gardener, our main supplier is Hortex. A well-known and trusted brand, we stock a range of trowels, loppers, secateurs, shovels, spades, weeders, forks, bypass loppers and secateurs and many more.

We stock a large range of bamboo canes, stakes, trellis, plant supports, bags, wire, ties, plant labels, rattan, mosses and much more.

Mulches, potting mixes and soil conditioners

Our range of potting mixes and soil conditioners will cover every need of the everyday gardener, our own Waldecks mix is a special blend of slow release feeds, water retention gels, organic matter, sands and trace elements. We stock Aussie Organics potting mixes, soil conditioners and mulches. See our range in store.


Pots are a great way to grow plants around the home and garden, easy to move if you rent or just fancy having your favourite plants in different locations throughout the year. We stock a basic range of planters and pots from Elho, a very well-engineered product from Holland. These pots are made of up to 40% recycled material and are designed around the plant’s needs, we also stock their designer and new and exclusive ranges of pots, troughs, self-watering and urban products.

We deal directly with a number of suppliers to bring the best products to the market. For those who are looking for a lightweight alternative to plastic we have a large range of light weight poly stone pots that have a number of painted and polished finishes. For the more traditional gardener we have a large range of glazed pots, urns and bowls to choose from and often hold a range of Bali stone products. We buy direct and pass on the savings to you.

Seeds and bulbs

Seasonal ranges of daffodils, bulbs, seeds and seed potatoes including asparagus crowns are available in store, it is always best to check with stores for availability because certain plants are only available for limited periods of time each year.


Plants are our forte, we hold a huge range and are always happy to search for plants for you. We deal with Perth’s best growers to find only the best plants for you and your garden, did you know we also grow upwards of 30% of our own stock? Our Nursery, Pine Lake, up at Wanneroo grows all our potted colour, a large range of our natives, seasonal plants, fruiting plants and house plants, including the popular Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig as it’s also know. Because we grow our own we pass on the savings to you.

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