Quality Outdoor Living Products in Perth

Western Australia’s climate allows for outdoor living for 6-9 months a year, because of this we believe it’s very important to have an outdoor living area that is comfortable, stylish and a place to relax and reflect, entertain and get away from everyday working life. We have a wide range of stock that is suitable for creating the perfect, modern, trendy outdoor area.

Alfresco Living 

We are lucky to live in a Mediterranean climate - we have many months of dry, settled weather that is perfect for outdoor living. At Waldecks we believe that having a space you can sit out in and enjoy is as important as having a comfortable home. 


An outdoor living area benefits enormously from plants - whether it be a few cacti or succulents in a bowl on a central table or as extravagant as having an alfresco seating area under tropical plants or deciduous shading trees.  


We have a great selection of plants that will suit all tastes - we can suggest plants for certain areas and themes and have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right plant for the right place. 


We have a number of staff members who also have qualifications in garden and landscape design - although not offered directly through Waldecks these staff members will often visit sites and quote for work if you would like someone to do the hard work for you! 


At Waldecks we also offer a huge range of light weight and outdoor suitable pottery, pots, troughs and bowls ideal for any alfresco setting. We hold stocks of a large range of colours, styles and textures to suit almost any colour scheme, pop into a Waldecks store today to see our range. 


Pots for Alfresco and Outdoor/Indoor areas


We understand that a lot of people have small yards and living areas and believe that the best way to fill an area like this without losing any space is to go up. This is best done by planting into pots, we have a huge selection all year round that are suitable for indoor/alfresco and outdoor spaces. 


We stock a massive range of clay, terracotta, glazed, light weight and metal pots suitable for almost any plant. 


Outdoor pots always benefit from being placed on pot feet - this allows the pots to drain right through and air. This is important as most roots do not like to be water logged and being water logged can often leaf to an ill looking plant. We sell pot feet in various colours to match your pots - however, if you find that we don't have a colour that matches most of the time you are unable to see the pot feet under your pots so any colour will do. 


Remember that all plants grown in pots will have limited access to nutrients - it is vital that you use a premium potting mix otherwise your plant will not perform as you would expect. It is also important to feed pot plants - feed during growing months only and not during dormant months or in the middle of summer. Be careful not to overfeed - feeding once every 2 - 3 months will be more than enough. 

If you need advice or help with choosing the right plant for the right place/pot our staff are always happy to help out. 


Outdoor Pots, Containers and Troughs

We hold a good range of outdoor lightweight plastic Elho pots, they are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. The Elho range can be viewed at www.elho.com. We also stock a large range of lightweight pots, these are made of poly stone and then have car paint and lacquer applied with a polished finish. These are available in a broad range of colours, sizes and shapes to fit most tastes. If you are looking for a more substantial pot we have glazed and raw traditional pots, tree planters and Bali stone available most of the year.

If you are looking for plants to fill corners of your outdoor living space we have a large range that are suitable for pots, containers and troughs that are both modern and easy to maintain.

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