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Elkhorn Fern

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One of the most majestic ferns for any garden, Elkhorns are a long standing, very popular plant for indoors and out, with a sculptural form like no other. Bold, dramatic green foliage emerges out and up from silver-green shield fronds that lay flat against the growing surface, be that a pot, piece of hardwood, tree branch or wall. In the wild they are epiphytic, meaning they grow harmlessly on trees as opposed to being terrestrial or ground dwellers. Due to this adaptation, they make magnificent feature plants on walls, and pair well with climbers like Ficus pumila (creeping fig) or Trachelospermum jasminoides (Chinese star jasmine). These are very long lived plants, often being passed down from family members through generations. Do not add banana peels or other raw ingredients to the back of the shields, as this can quickly lead to unfriendly mould, fungus and rot. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M Indoor & Patio Slow Release fertiliser at half recommended application rate. Elkhorns reach 1-2m height and 1-2m width, larger when grown outside and for many years.


Water: Moisture is critical, water every day to every other day during warm seasons. Additional soakings may be required during heatwaves. During cooler months watering can be pulled back but is still necessary.


Sun: Part shade to full shade, or heavily dappled positions, protected from Western sun.


Soil: When mounted, young elkhorns can be attached to hardwood boards or tree trunks or branches with a large mound of Sphagnum Moss. When remounting large plants onto larger surfaces, 70% Coco Peat mixed with 30% Perlite can be added behind, using Sphagnum Moss to hold soil together if necessary. Otherwise ferns make their own “soil” over time from amassed fronds.