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Geraldton Wax - Chamelaucium Purple Rain

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As the common name suggests, the Geraldton wax is a popular shrub and cut flower that comes from Western Australia. Its native fragrant flowers have stiff petals, which give them the description of 'wax' flowers. The flowers ooze nectar and are highly attractive to bees and pollinating insects. The many different species bring colour and texture to your landscape.

Geraldton Wax Chamelaucium Purple Pride has lovely purple funnel form flowers with red and brown centres.

Water: Water well to establish. Water during extended hot, dry periods but otherwise rainfall should be sufficient to keep the plant happy. Mulching around the root zone will help retain water.  

Sun: The best place to plant Geraldton Wax is in a sunny spot in the garden, While they do best in full sun, they will also tolerate light, part-day shade, and still grow well but do avoid damp areas of deep shade. 

Soil: Well-draining premium native soil.

Geraldton Wax - Chamelaucium Purple Rain
Geraldton Wax - Chamelaucium Purple Rain Sale price$20.99