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Golden Cane Palm - Dypsis Lutescens

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Commonly known as the Golden Cane Palm, this is a decorative and hardy clumping palm well suited to adding a tropical feel to gardens and patios. Golden Cane palms prefer a warm position, with full sun to full shade, protected from afternoon sun to look their best. Also suited to very bright and airy positions indoors with good circulation. For enhanced growth we recommend using Troforte M Indoor & Patio Slow Release fertiliser at half the recommended application rate. The Golden Cane palm reaches 6-8m height and 2-2.5m width.


Water: Water well and often when freshly planted and during growing season and hotter periods. Use a chunky mulch, we recommend using Aussie Organics Chunky Pine Bark.


Sun: Full sun to full shade, they look best with some shade and protection from hot westerly facings.


Soil: Fertile, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. We recommend using Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner and Charlie Charcoal prior to planting.

Golden Cane Palm - Dypsis Lutescens
Golden Cane Palm - Dypsis Lutescens Sale price$69.99