• Indoor Plants Galore 

    A wide range of indoor plants in stock, looking great. 

    Add some colour to your space.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle Leaf Figs are the ultimate statement plant, large glossy green leaves stand out against the dark brown trunks. An ideal house plant and as Western Australia’s largest grower of Fiddle Leaf Figs we know a thing or two about them.

  • Frangipani

    Stunning summer long blooms

    Hardy, heat and drought tolerant 

    WA Grown

  • Italian Taste 

    Get some flavour in your garden.

    Ideal for the kitchen gardener.

    Cuttings can be frozen for later use. 

  • We Grind All Our Own Coffee

    Freshly roasted, zesty coffee is served in all our cafes.

    Get your caffeine fix from 8:30am onwards

  • Tropical plants in store! 

    Tropical plants are currently looking their best for the year and it's a great time to plant.

    We buy direct and pass the savings onto you! 

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