• Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant

    We have some beautiful Swiss Cheese Plants

    The perfect addition to anyone with a stylish home and a love of trendy plants

  • Indoor and Shade Plants - On Trend! 


    We have a huge range of plants suitable for indoor spaces in stock now

    Grab some of the trendiest plants around at your Local Waldecks

    We have pots to match as well! 


  • Best Buys - New Revised Range!

    Waldecks Grown, Waldecks Recommended 

    Large range to choose from in store now.


  • Instant Colour

    Brighten your garden this winter

    We have a large range of colourful potted colour

    Just $2.20 each 5 for $10!! 


  • Lay Turf Now

    Now is a great time to establish turf

    It is also a great time to feed existing lawns

    We have a huge range of lawn fertilisers in stock



  • Add Manure to Garden Beds Now!

    Adding manure now will feed plants in spring and summer

    Apply a mixed manure to existing garden beds

    Dig manure into vegetable garden beds


    3 for $20 on all manures!


  • Autumn Planting - The Best Time To Plant


    Planting trees and shrubs over autumn will guarantee that your plants make it through next summer

    Planting now allows roots to establish, plants to bed in and for acclimatisation 

  • Autumn - The Perfect Time To Plant A Native Verge Garden

    We have a huge range of WA grown native plants bursting with colour



  • Plant Seed Potatoes Now!

    We have a great range of ready to go seed potatoes 

    Prepare beds well and plant now in furrows

    Got some old tyres?! grow potatoes in these



  • Tree Planting

    Autumn is a great time to plants trees, shrubs and lawns

    Cooler weather and regular rain help plants establish

    We have a large range of trees in stock.



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