• Vegepod - Raised Garden Beds - As Seen On Shark Tank 

    A range of self contained raised garden beds

    Self watering

    Built in insect and shade mesh cover

    Misting system with hose fitting for easy watering


  • Terracotta Pots Just In! 

    We have a huge range of pots that keeps on growing

    We offer delivery if your pots are too large for your car*

    We also stock a massive range of indoor pots

    *fees for delivery - see your local waldecks




  • Strawberries Now In Season

    Plant strawberry plants now for summer fruits

    Full Sun or part shade

    Feed regularly  


  • Now is the time to plant

    Native plants are best planted whilst the soil is still damp

    Roots will establish during spring

    Heat stress will be reduced over summer



  • Plant Lavenders, Natives and Trees Now

    Now is the time to plant

    The soil is damp and the weather is mild

    Use a soil conditioner when planting and a wetting agent



  • Plant Deciduous Trees 

    Plant Now 

    Remember to condition the soil and mulch around trees

    Stake and tie young trees to protect them from strong winds



  • Great Selection of Succulents

    We have a fantastic range of succulents 

    Succulents add great winter colour to any garden, verge or tub

    Succulents are extremely water wise - saving you money


  • Prune Hedges

    Get out in the garden and trim back fast growing hedges

    A light trim on newly planted hedges will ensure a more full, compact hedge once established


  • Herbs - Plant Now! 

    Plant coriander, parsley, thyme, oregano, lemon grass to name a few

    Add scent to your garden and your table



  • Yacon - NOW JUST $19.95 Each 

    Yacon now just $19.95 each


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