• Blueberries

    Blueberries are surprisingly easy to grow and are one of the most beneficial fruits available. Packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and flavour they can be frozen, eaten fresh and added to desserts.

    Plants are reasonably slow growing and require little space to flourish, available in stores most of the year.

  • Waldecks Cafes

    Coffee is a must and so are our cafes, they serve up great coffee. Make time for a coffee, come and give us a try!

    View our Cafes
  • Home grown herbs

    A kitchen without herbs isn't a complete kitchen. Home grown herbs have a greater depth of flavour that only those who have grown their own will understand, it has never been easier to grow your own, no matter what sized space you have at home.

    Speak to a member of staff in store for advice on getting your first herb garden growing.

  • Find your ideal house plant

    Got a small space that needs a little colour without all the hard work? Ficus Benjamina are great little dwarf ficus, variegated leaves add depth to this plant.

  • Roses

    Standard roses make a great addition to any garden, a real show stopper. Fragrant blooms, bright colours and little space required. Ideal plants for those seeking a cloud of colour.

  • Seeds available in stores now

    Getting a head start is never a bad thing, grab some seeds and place them in a warm spot near a window to give this year’s tomatoes a head start.

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