• Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant

    We have some beautiful Swiss Cheese Plants for just $18.95 each

    The perfect addition to anyone with a stylish home and a love of trendy plants

  • Indoor and Shade Plants - On Trend! 


    We have a huge range of plants suitable for indoor spaces in stock now

    Grab some of the trendiest plants around at your Local Waldecks

    We have pots to match as well! 


  • Hibiscus - The Flower Of Summer

    Beautiful varieties in stores now! 

    Full Sun or part shade

    Feed regularly

    Prepare soil with a soil conditioner 


  • Dress your garden for entertainment

    We have a huge range of plants, pots and decorative gifts ideal for dressing your garden



  • Passion Fruit - The Easiest Vine You Will Ever Grow

    Passionfruit plants in stock

    Beautiful flowers

    Tasty fruit




  • Plant Seedlings For A Late Summer Harvest

    Get out in the garden and plant up veggie beds 

    Planting fast growing summer vegetables like cucumbers will give you produce in a matter of weeks during summer months.


  • Great Selection of Succulents

    We have a fantastic range of succulents 

    Succulents add great winter colour to any garden, verge or tub

    Succulents are extremely water wise - saving you money


  • Fill Your Garden With Colour

    We have masses of colourful plants ready to brighten your garden this Summer! 



  • Herbs - Plant Now! 

    Plant coriander, parsley, thyme, oregano, lemon grass to name a few

    Add scent to your garden and your table



  • Get Wet This Summer - Apply Wetting Agents Now!


    We have a large range of wetting agents both organic and inorganic that will help water reach the root zone quickly and efficiently

    Both liquid and Granular wetting agents are available in all Waldecks stores. 


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