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Article: Syngonium Care 101

Syngonium Care 101

Syngonium Care 101

Syngonims relatively easy to care for,  can grow very quickly with good care, and are super easy to propagate.

Coming in a range of colours and shapes, these are a really fun plant to collect!



Your Arrowhead Plant prefers bright indirect light but can adapt to low light. Direct sun may burn the leaves.


Water when the top 50% - 75% of the soil is dry. Water until liquid flows through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and discard any water that has accumulated in the saucer. Expect to water more often in warmer months and less often in cooler months.


Yes, this plant is toxic to pets. So keep somewhere your furry friend is unlikely to munch on it. 

Sad Plant Signs

Leaves appear pale or yellowed: Excessive light

Leaves turn brown: Under watered

Wilting: Under watered


Hot tip

Many people think that there is something wrong with their plant when it starts to stretch out and vine, but the fact is that these plants ARE vines in nature. 

If you want to keep your plant compact and bushy, pinch the new growth on a regular basis. Wear gloves when pinching as the plant’s sap can cause skin irritation.


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