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Star Jasmine - Trachelospermum JasminoidesStar Jasmine - Trachelospermum Jasminoides
Creeping Fig - Ficus PumilaCreeping Fig - Ficus Pumila
Sold outChain of Hearts - Ceropegia WoodiiChain of Hearts - Ceropegia Woodii
Sold outEpipremnum Goldilocks
Creeping Fig - Ficus Pumila Ice CapsCreeping Fig - Ficus Pumila Ice Caps
Hoya Carnosa PinkHoya Carnosa Pink
Hoya Carnosa Pink Sale price$16.49
Sold outEpipremnum Goldilocks Hanging BasketEpipremnum Goldilocks Hanging Basket
Sold outDevils Ivy - Epipremnum Aureum
Bougainvillea Crimson Jewel
Sold outBougainvillea Magnifica TrailiiBougainvillea Magnifica Trailii
Bougainvillea Magenta Glory
Madagascar Jasmine - Stephanotis FloribundaeMadagascar Jasmine - Stephanotis Floribundae
Sold outHardenbergia White Out
Sold outSatin Pothos - Scindapsus Pictus ArgyraeusSatin Pothos - Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus
Snake Vine - Hibbertia Scandens
Sold outIvy - Hedera NeedlepointIvy - Hedera Needlepoint
Ivy - Hedera Needlepoint Sale priceFrom $16.49
Firecracker Plant - Tangerine Falls
Hardenbergia Meema
Hardenbergia Meema Sale price$16.49
Sold outBougainvillea Mahatma Ghandi
Mandevilla Aloha Pink PerfectionMandevilla Aloha Pink Perfection
Sold outPhilodendron Cordatum TotemPhilodendron Cordatum Totem
Sold outBougainvillea Californian GoldBougainvillea Californian Gold
Sold outCreeping Fig - Ficus Pumila MinimaCreeping Fig - Ficus Pumila Minima
Sold outHoya Pubicalyx SilverHoya Pubicalyx Silver
Firecracker Plant - Lemon Falls
Bougainvillea Mrs Butt
Bougainvillea Elizabeth
Sold outMandevilla Aloha White
Mandevilla Aloha Bright Pink
Bougainvillea Temple Fire
Sold outDevils Ivy - Epipremnum Aureum Hanging BasketDevils Ivy - Epipremnum Aureum Hanging Basket
Wisteria Sinensis StandardWisteria Sinensis Standard
Sold outBougainvillea TreasureBougainvillea Treasure
Sold outHoya Carnosa TripodHoya Carnosa Tripod
Hoya Carnosa Tripod Sale price$99.95