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Alstroemeria Yentl

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Alstroemeria Yentl is a compact plant producing masses of white and yellow flowers and rich green foliage.

Alstroemeria are wonderful plants for borders, adding colour to garden beds, and are great in pots. Fertilise early spring and again after flowering to ensure the best blooms and healthiest plants. Prune away old flower stems to the ground to promote new growth. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M All Purpose Slow Release fertiliser in spring.


Water: Regular deep watering, if plants are wilting during heat waves additional watering may be required.


Sun: Full sun, protected from harsh winds.


Soil: Fertile, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter and a slightly acidic pH. We recommend using Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner and Charlie Charcoal prior to planting.

Alstroemeria Yentl
Alstroemeria Yentl Sale price$24.99