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Casuarina Cousin It

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Cousin it is an evergreen shrub or ground cover. It is part of the Casuarinaceae family and is native to Australia. It forms a cascading mound habit of fine long trailing green foliage. Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ forms a dense mat of foliage and is great at suppressing the weeds and acts as a living mulch. It is drought hardy and can also tolerate light frost. It requires a full sun position in the garden and grows well in most soil types.

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Once established it requires little water during the cooler months. During warmer months keep soil moist but not wet. 

Soil: Grows well in most soils from sand to light clay. Although it will tolerate most moisture levels from dry to waterlogged, it grows best in moist well-drained sightly acidic soil.


Casuarina Cousin It
Casuarina Cousin It Sale price$51.99