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Crassula Campfire

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Famous for their spectacular colour, Crassula Campfire starts off a very pale shade of green to lightish yellow, but as they spend more time in bright sunlight, they change colour. They will gradually move through different shades, going from green or yellow to pale pink, brighter pink, and eventually will be bright red. They need to be kept in the sun for as long as possible in order to retain their brilliant colour.

The plants are not very big and will grow to a maximum height of approx 15cm. The stems will spread out, and they will cover a fairly large area of ground if left to grow untrimmed. They can often spread as wide as 90cm.

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Like most succulents, you should not have to water more often than once a week. In very hot, dry conditions, you could possibly water every 4-5 days.

Soil: Like most succulents, the Crassula capitella campfire needs soil with good drainage in order for the roots to flourish. The soil should be fairly light, and needs substantial sized pores to allow air to circulate freely.