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Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia Comanche

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Commonly known as Crepe Myrtle, Lagerstroemia Comanche is a beautiful deciduous tree with dark coral pink flowers appearing in early to mid summer. An excellent specimen tree for small gardens or large containers. Hardy and best suited to full sun, it has moderate drought and heat tolerance. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M All Purpose Slow Release fertiliser. Lagerstroemia Comanche grows to 6m height and 4m width.


Water: Water well and often when freshly planted until tree becomes established. Will tolerate short periods of drought.


Sun: Full sun.


Soil: Fertile, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter and a slightly acidic pH. We recommend using Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner and Charlie Charcoal prior to planting.

Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia Comanche
Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia Comanche Sale price$169.99