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Diatomaceous Earth

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Made from the fossilised remnants of single-cell algae (diatoms), Diatomaceous Earth has a multitude of uses in the organic garden. DE is composed of silica and other trace elements and is extremely absorbent. Its microscopic structure has many sharp edges. It can be dusted, sprinkled, raked, mixed with water and sprayed over plants or around the house, chook pen, kennel and garden.  DE will continue to work as long as it is present in the environment. 

Green Life Soil Co.'s Diatomaceous Earth is a raw and untreated product - allowable for animal supplements but not approved for human consumption. This is not pool filtered DE, which is chemically treated and poisonous.


  • Increases water holding capacity and aids nutrient retention in soils
  • Encourages beneficial microbial soil activity
  • Boosts plant tissue strength, meaning more pest and disease resistance
  • Converts locked up phosphorous into a plant available form
  • Decreases soil salinity by diluting sodium content
  • Assists in controlling odours in compost heaps, and will not harm earth worms if sprinkled over the surface
  • Deodorises and absorbs odours from chook pens, kennels, etc

Health Warning:

Care should be taken when using DE.  Wear a dust mask, eye protection and gloves.  While it is non toxic the tiny particles can be drying to skin and hands, and harmful if inhaled.  Always wash hands after use.


Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous Earth Sale price$43.95