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Emu Bush - Eremophila Blue Horizon

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Eremophila Blue Horizon is a stunning Australian native shrub featuring narrow, silver-blue foliage that creates an eye-catching contrast in gardens and landscapes. Its compact growth habit and prolific clusters of vibrant blue flowers make it a captivating addition, attracting pollinators and adding a touch of color to any outdoor space.

Water: Eremophila Blue Horizon plants are drought-tolerant once established and have only require low to moderate watering. It's best to water deeply but infrequently.

Sun: Thrives in full sun to partial shade conditions. They prefer a location that receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day for optimal growth and flower production.

Soil: Prefer well-draining soil that is sandy or loamy in texture. They are adaptable to a wide range of soil types, including sandy, rocky, or clay soils, as long as the soil has good drainage.