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Hop Bush - Dodonaea Viscosa

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Commonly known as native hopbush, Dodonaea viscosa is a wonderful native evergreen shrub with wavy green foliage, inconspicuous flowers in spring giving way to plumes of red-purple papery seeds in summer. It is an ideal hedging or screening plant, and is excellent for soil and dune stabilization in areas requiring erosion control. An extremely hardy plant, it tolerates drought, pollution, and coastal and salty winds. Trim lightly in spring for bushy growth, do not prune into old wood. Use a native fertiliser as Dodonaea can be phosphorus sensitive (P ratio needs to be under 3%). For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M Native Slow Release fertiliser. Hopbush can grow to 8m height (typically 3m) and 2m width.


Water: Water well and often when freshly planted, with mulching. Drought tolerant once established.


Sun: Full sun to part shade.


Soil: Moist, well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. We recommend using Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner and Charlie Charcoal prior to planting.

Hop Bush - Dodonaea Viscosa
Hop Bush - Dodonaea Viscosa Sale price$24.99