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Indoor Potting Mix

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Baileys Indoor Premium Potting Mix is a quality growing media, specifically designed to reduce the stress of transplant, assist establishment and ensure vigorous and healthy growth for indoor plants. This professional blend of ingredients has undergone extensive research and development to perfect a lightweight mix with optimal water holding capacity, air-filled porosity and drainage.

  • Fully composted to ensure no weed seeds or plant pathogens come with the product.
  • Contains two types of Polyon controlled-release fertiliser. A 3-4 month and 8-9 month release ensure the perfect balance of nutrients as required.
  • Contains the wetting agent Grosorb® to ensure good moisture penetration, even drainage and re-wettability.
  • Contains coir and coir husk to ensure optimal air-filled porosity, great drainage and water holding capacity.  
  • Contains two forms of kelp to promote root growth and vigour after transplant. The many minerals, vitamins and enzymes from the kelp improve pest, disease and stress resistance and overall plant health.
  • A broad-spectrum, mineral-rich micro-nutrient fertiliser is added to the mix to supply all plant required nutrients for strong growth in both a soluble and slow-release form.
Indoor Potting Mix
Indoor Potting Mix Sale price$15.95