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Lilly Pilly - Syzygium Hinterland Gold

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The Lilly Pilly stands as one of the most popular Australian Native plants for garden landscapes. The Australe Hinterland Gold is a feature plant throughout the year with its attractive green glossy foliage and feathery, white flowers followed by pink, fleshy, edible berries. A highlight of this Syzygium is regular flushes of golden, copper toned new growth which turn to green as they mature making an ideal plant for hedging or screening. 

Water: Water well until established and during extended hot periods.

Sun: Position your Lilly Pilly in a sunny open position. Can tolerate small amounts of shade but likes to be protected from frost.

Soil: Syzygium's prefer well composted, draining soil with regular mulching. Being native, this variety is well accustomed to Australia's diverse climate and soil conditions and once established will tolerate coastal and drought conditions. 

Lilly Pilly - Syzygium Hinterland Gold
Lilly Pilly - Syzygium Hinterland Gold Sale price$69.99