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Ludisia Discolor - Jewel Orchid

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The hardiest of all jewel orchids, Ludisia discolor is a truly special plant for the indoor collector. The black jewel orchid can be easily grown outside a terrarium environment, and is well suited to medium light spots like south facing windows. Tolerant of morning sun at a distance it’s also happy near east or north facing windows. This orchid loves to be kept moist at the roots, preferring either an open chunky indoor mix or chopped Sphagnum Moss. This jewel orchid reaches 20cm height and 30cm width, over 30cm height when in flower.


Water: Water well and frequently, once the top 1-2cm has dried.


Sun: South facing windows, North or East facing windows at a distance.


Soil: In pots, a well-draining, fertile indoor mix. We recommend using The Home Plant Co Indoor Potting Mix with added Perlite or Coarse Orchid Bark.

Ludisia Discolor - Jewel Orchid
Ludisia Discolor - Jewel Orchid Sale price$21.99