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Mulching Compost

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Aussie Organics Mulching Compost is a blend of recycled organics, straw and fine compost. Produced under strictly controlled conditions, it will improve the condition and performance of the soil by increasing nutrients and water retention. Mulching compost is ideal for the home gardener and is suitable for use of most garden plants. 


  • Boosts healthy soil microbial activity
  • Reduces watering needs up to 50% = saves water
  • Filled with beneficial nutrients, encouraging healthy plant growth
  • Improves draining and aeration in clay soils
  • Adds body and structure to light sandy soils
  • Naturally suppresses plant diseases
  • Encourages diverse life, such as insects and worms
  • Provides defence against wind and rain erosion
Mulching Compost
Mulching Compost Sale price$8.95