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Olive - Olea California Queen

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Developed as a table olive, Californian Queen grows to a medium size tree that produces large green,almost round in shape olives that are especially good for pizza, and high quality olive oil. The graceful silver-grey foliage makes it an attractive specimen or hedging plant and is excellent in pots. Extended dry, hot conditions improve fruit yield. Highly drought tolerant and adaptable to coastal conditions. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M All Purpose Slow Release fertiliser. 8m height and 5m width at maturity.


Water: Water well and often when freshly planted until tree becomes established. Additional watering during flowering and fruit set may be required. Drought tolerant.


Sun: Full sun.


Soil: Tolerant of poor soils, however well-drained and fertile is ideal. We recommend using Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner prior to planting.

Olive - Olea California Queen
Olive - Olea California Queen Sale price$69.99