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Pennisetum Nafray

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A wonderful compact, drought tolerant native grass with beautiful yellow plumes of flowers in winter. This native an excellent alternative to the highly invasive Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum). This grass sports a fine texture, and flowers from late summer into winter providing great colour in the winter garden. Like many grasses, Nafray seed heads have awns which is the velcro-like apparatus that sticks to pet fur and clothes, easily avoided if spent seed heads are removed as required. Mass plant in borders, along edges, paths or fence lines, in rockeries, or low boundaries. Recommended planting density of 4-10 plants per square metre, or 2-3 plants per linear metre. 60cm height and width.


Water: Water well and often when freshly planted. Drought tolerant once established. Use a chunky mulch, we recommend using Aussie Organics Chunky Pine Bark.


Sun: Full sun to part shade.


Soil: Sandy, free draining soils making it well suited to the Perth environment. We recommend using Charlie Charcoal prior to planting for best results.