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Radermachera Jade Jewel

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Jade Jewel is a  lush plant and a great addition to your indoor collection. Having similar shaped, but larger leaves than the China Doll, the foliage is very attractive and quite delicate. The leaves are glossy, mid-green and deeply divided into leaflets, and has a lovely bushy upright growth habit that really gives that 'Jungle' feel. Perfect for pots indoors, by the front door or on the patio, it’s also an excellent addition to shady areas in the garden although it may exceed the growth expectations of those grown indoors. Indoors, a bright indirect spot is ideal, with some morning sun for extra growth. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M Indoor & Patio Slow Release fertiliser. Jade Jewel reaches 2m height and 60cm width, taller when grown outside.


Water: With a preference for moisture during the growing season, water well when the top 1-2cm of soil becomes dry. Foliage will become limp and dull green in extreme dehydration, soak the root ball for 1-2 hours before draining well.


Sun: Indoors bright indirect to morning full sun (North, South or East facing windows). Keep out of Westerly facing windows or afternoon sun exposure.


Soil: Well-draining, fertile indoor mix. We recommend using The Home Plant Co Indoor Potting Mix.

Radermachera Jade Jewel
Radermachera Jade Jewel Sale price$69.99