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Sheep Manure

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Aussie Organics Sheep Manure is an all-purpose organic fertiliser - suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables and flower gardens.

Aussie Organics Sheep Manure promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth. This sheep manure is composted and screened - it's a natural and organic product that encourages earthworm activity in the soil and improves soil structure. Sheep Manure is lower in nitrogen compared to other manures - reducing the risk of burning plants, yet still high in phosphorous and potassium, which are beneficial for plant growth.


  • Enhances root development by improving soil structure
  • Improves soil aeration and water retention in sandy soils
  • Increases soil humus, which in turn enhances soil structure
  • Increases water penetration and reduces water run-off
  • Provides a natural source of nitrogen
  • Increases macro and micro-organism activity in the soil
Sheep Manure
Sheep Manure Sale price$8.95