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Soil Conditioner

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Aussie Organics Premium Soil Conditioner is a blend of selected well-composted materials, providing an excellent organic base for all types of soils. Rich in organic carbon that works like a sponge, storing water and nutrients while energising the soil - providing a healthy medium for earthworms and micro-organisms. Essential for plant growth.


  • Boosts healthy soil microbial activity
  • Reduces watering needs up to 50% = saves water
  • Filled with beneficial nutrients, encouraging healthy plant growth
  • Improves draining and aeration in clay soils
  • Adds body and structure to light sandy soils
  • Naturally suppresses plant diseases
  • Encourages diverse life, such as insects and worms
  • Provides defence against wind and rain erosion
Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioner Sale price$8.95