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Spider Plant - Chlorophytum Zebrina

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A compact version of the classic Spider Plant houseplant, with striped, strappy cream and green foliage. Very hardy and easy to maintain both indoors and out, Spider Plants are ideal for hanging baskets and pots as they have a weedy nature in the garden, quickly spreading out of control by way of their baby spiders, plantlets that grow on the ends of long arching stems borne from the crown of the main plant. Well suited to patios, ferneries, and front doors. For enhanced growth and flowering we recommend using Troforte M Indoor & Patio Slow Release fertiliser. Spider plants reach approximately 40cm height and width, up to 1m with spider plantlets.


Water: With excellent drainage as a must, it should only be watered when the soil becomes dry. Foliage will become limp and silver-grey in extreme dehydration, soak the root ball for 1-2 hours before draining well.


Sun: Indoors bright indirect to morning full sun (North, South or East facing windows). Outdoors in full shade, full morning sun or dappled positions. Keep out of Westerly facing windows or afternoon sun exposure.


Soil: Well-draining, fertile indoor mix. We recommend using The Home Plant Co Indoor Potting Mix.

Spider Plant - Chlorophytum Zebrina
Spider Plant - Chlorophytum Zebrina Sale price$16.49