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Troforte CRF Superfeeder

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The Troforte® CRF range of controlled-release fertilisers have been specially developed for any plants grown in containerised or confined space situations.

Troforte® CRF are high analysis fertilisers that will optimise the health of all plants using our proprietary microbe technology.

Troforte® CRF fertilisers:

Concentrated formula – use less to achieve more!

  • Contains beneficial soil microbes for optimum plant performance
  • Contain a full suite of trace elements
  • Contain up to 60 minerals

Consider the benefits of Troforte® CRF – Superfeeder

  • Concentrated formula – use less and get amazing results
  • Micro granules ensure even distribution and easy to incorporate into topsoil
  • Full suite of trace elements to ensure optimum plant growth
  • Contains 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes and fungi
  • Contains up to 60 minerals
  • One application lasts up to 3 months
  • Formulated for heavy feeding plants and perennials
  • Increases resistance to drought and disease
  • Packed in a handy 700 gram tub to keep around the home
Troforte CRF Superfeeder
Troforte CRF Superfeeder Sale price$13.99