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Troforte M Native

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Troforte® uses a unique combination of controlled-release fertiliser, minerals and a specially selected suite of beneficial soil microbes and fungi. The Troforte® approach in plant nutrition focuses on soil health. The beneficial soil microbes perform critical tasks within the soil to bring back the natural balances and make depleted soils responsive and therefore conducive to growing better, hardier and nutrient rich plants.

Specially formulated to provide optimum results for all Australian Native Plants and other phosphorus sensitive varieties like proteas.

6 Month controlled release nutrients

  • Designed specifically for Native plants, trees and shrubs
  • Up to 60 minerals and 24 species of beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi specifically chosen to enhance the performance of Native Plants
  • Develops the soil to promote drought resistance
  • After continued use you will notice earthworms returning to your soil creating better drainage and soil aeration
  • Suitable for potted and in-ground native plants, trees and shrubs
  • Stronger plants mean enhanced protection from pests and diseases


For the best results, apply Troforte® Native Gardens every 6 months with an additional application prior to flowering and fruit set, if necessary

Troforte® All Purpose Liquid Plant food can also be applied every 3 months to boost beneficial microbial populations in your soil.

Used in combination, the liquid and granular products will work in conjunction to create a carbon rich organic food that will help further boost soil microbial populations and help nutrient uptake to be optimised.

Tips for growing Australian Natives: 

  • Most Australian Natives prefer well drained soils, so avoid planting in water-logged soils. For clay soils dig in compost and manure. Digging through gypsum will also help making clay soils more friable. For sandy soils dig in organic matter and compost and mulch well
  • Daily watering via drip or spray systems is essential in dry and summer periods to establish native plants. In addition, while establishing the plants, a weekly soaking will ensure good results. Mulching twice a year will help native plants tolerate droughts.
  • Make sure nutrients are present throughout the growing period, so time your Troforte applications accordingly. A heavier application prior to flowering and during fruit set will enhance the quality of flowers and fruit.


Planting or Transplanting 

  • Using the scoop supplied, sprinkle the instructed dosage of Troforte® around the bottom of the hole or pot. Also mix into the back-fill soil. Water in well.

Established Trees or plants: 

  • Using the scoop supplied, sprinkle the instructed dosage of Troforte® around the base of the plant and out to the drip line. Cover with mulch, compost or organic matter if possible, and immediately water in well.


Troforte M Native
Troforte M Native Sale price$33.99