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Water Storage Crystals

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  • Yates Water storage crystals help plants withstand dry weather conditions and infrequent watering
  • Super absorbent crystals swell up to hundreds of times their weight
  • Each 5g application stores up to 1L of water at the plants roots
  • Plants are able to draw water as they need it. Crystals replenish with each watering
  • Waterwise Technology provides the answer to all of your drought-proofing needs to get water to the plant's roots, protect plants from water loss & reduce water usage

Directions for use

Wet Mixing (Recommended): Mix one teaspoon (5g) into 750ml water.  Leave for an hour before mixing into 5L of potting mix.  Increase to two teaspoons per 5L for hanging baskets and other water stress prone plants.

Plants already potted or inground - Poke vertical holes into potting mix or drip line and place a small amount of into the base of each hole.  Water in thoroughly, then top with potting mix.

Sowing seed: Mix 10g per m2 into top 50mm of topsoil, sow seed and water in thoroughly.  Laying turf - evenly spread crystals at 10g per m2, lay turf then water.

Dry Mixing: Mix one teaspoon (5g) of crystals with 5L of potting mix.  Pot up plant and water in thoroughly.  For best results, water two hours later to ensure crystals are fully charged. 

It is safest to use the crystals wet instead of dry as the crystals take up substantially more volume once wet.

Water Storage Crystals
Water Storage Crystals Sale price$19.50